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Degas 'Aria after the Ballet' 1879 {{PD}}

Degas ‘Aria after the Ballet’ 1879 {{PD}}

On the 16th we have the perfect synergy of creative energy and the impetus and verve for change, action, the almost magical ability to transform–so what will we do with it? Asking ourselves before we plunge in isn’t required–inspiration will guide us in a smart direction–but it may make us feel a little more sure of ourselves as we go forward. If you really want to know, today is also the day you can find out what resides in the dark, deep, mysterious depths. Do (or pursue) what you’ve always dreamed of; the Universe is committed to assisting you (Perfecting today: Pluto nov Ceres, Neptune nov Pallas, Saturn semi-sq Pallas, Sun parallel Pluto)

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