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 Author Arthur Wesley Dow 'Lavender and Green' 1912 {{PD}}

Arthur Wesley Dow
‘Lavender and Green’ 1912 {{PD}}

Whatever ‘facts’ the social sphere or other concerned entity was trying to point out to us become clear, and if this knowledge was in some way meant to play on our weak spots or fears, it just won’t; it instead has the effect of offering a healing moment, one where we see how misguided the Other is–and this in turn gives us a very optimistic take on the future, on where we’re headed. Our strength and certainty today comes from our connection to the unseen (including but not limited to the spiritual) and through our spot in the ‘natural’ world; the more we can relax the mentality and allow ourselves immersion in the Universe (whatever form it takes) the better our day will proceed. Hint: don’t expect to meet events or decisions head-on right now; sensing and feeling rooted in our core nature and through our most characteristic roles is where it’s at (Ceres enters Pisces, Jupiter conj NN, Sun nov Chiron)

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