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John Singer Sargent - 'Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose' c1885 {{PD}}

John Singer Sargent – ‘Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose’ c1885 {{PD}}

This weekend we have only minor perfections on Saturday, the 20th of February 2016, with Venus semi-square Chiron and the Sun semi-square Pluto. It may feel like something is going terribly wrong, somewhere out of sight–and though it causes tension there’s no way to get a handle on it, and so little to do about it. If we can accept that our unease is not ready to be named, we can enjoy the day without driving ourselves batty.

By Sunday the 21st the story changes. We’ll be focused on ambitions, desires, and goals (Sun sesquiquadrate Zeus) but likely only see the problems in attaining them, and even though thoughts and external messages are overall both healing and wise (Merc nov Chiron and conjoined Pallas) we are prone, probably out of some perceived frustration, to act against our own instincts and to misunderstand or misconstrue our own power or role (Mars opp Sedna, Neptune conjoined Ceres). That drives our efforts toward getting more, getting ‘better’, or correcting situations so we can gain (Venus sesq Jupiter), and by the end of the day we may have more or less gotten the hang of it: modify our approach in relationships, in artistic expression, or in earning, in order to apply critical assessment (Jupiter in Virgo) and wrap our heads around how to profit thereby (Venus in Aquarius). Not a tidy or easily applied formula, but one that can give us focus within a whole lot of other, not so user-friendly influences.

To start our week Monday the 22nd we find we must make very deliberate adjustments again, this time to choices on the life Path (Venus sesq NN). Caveats involve not overestimating our natural abilities or role (Juno contraparallel Sedna) and the necessity of perpetrating no illusions to ourselves or others about our priorities, commitments, and values (Neptune semi-square Vesta). The trick this time is to excavate those brilliant thoughts, ideas, and knowledge bits from the past that will be just right, right now (Merc nov SN).

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