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1912 Source https://www.flickr.com/photos/statelibraryofnsw/6433918107/ State Library of New South Wales collection Australian Antarctic Territory {{PD}}

If you don’t find your groove, moving forward may feel like this. 1912
Source https://www.flickr.com/photos/statelibraryofnsw/6433918107/ State Library of New South Wales collection Australian Antarctic Territory {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Action-taking and choice-making are impulsive and yet create opportunities, and may in particular create an opportunity related to the New Moon; this abundance of possibility is true for us, as long as we access instinct, don’t confuse that with wishful thinking, and stay aligned with our genuine priorities. We can make gains in knowledge and widen our horizons, if we can find the groove. Strange as it may sound, just don’t think about it; that may be our best ‘in’ to the instinctual nature, along with feelings that are clear (that is, not confused with thought). Those who confuse the sources and meaning of their impulses will find it costly, damaging to either relationships or finances, while everyone else can successfully ignore the unpleasant or denied in favor of the instinctual and what’s true to oneself (Mars into Sagittarius, Vesta-Pallas-Juno Water Grand Trine still in effect–see forecast for the 1st–with Vesta also perfecting a sextile to Ceres, Venus sq Sedna, Mercury contra-parallel Black Moon Lilith)

Sun_and_Moon_Nuremberg_chronicleThe Lunar Essence is exemplified by the New Moon in Leo, falling at 10 degrees 57 minutes, at 1:44 PM PDT of the 2nd. This event in Leo brings a focus of Self-awareness, of our part in the larger scheme, and particularly makes us aware of how we might ‘shine’ in life. This meeting of Sun and Moon (as viewed from our perspective on Earth) ends the Dark period and signifies energetically an inception, a new start, a seed moment, likely related to the real-world matters represented by the House in the natal chart in which the NM falls. The aspects made tell us the story; this New Moon is square to Black Moon Lilith, trine Saturn, quincunx Neptune (and close to but too far out to count a quincunx to the SN), and sesquiquadrate Chiron. We personally (Leo) can begin the process of materialization, or we can find shape and context for these matters, or we can limit or otherwise contain issues related to matters of the House where the NM falls. It will take some effort, some of it potentially unpleasant, but the results can be both healing and creative (especially if you can find that groove!) and can remove a long-held shadow from the psyche.

Fritz von Wille 1880 {{PD}}

Fritz von Wille 1880 {{PD}}

The Sabian for the New Moon is, ‘Children Play On A Swing Hanging From The Branches Of A Huge Oak Tree’. This may tell us that our best approach, as with the ‘not thinking’ mentioned above, is one that takes a carefree attitude with developments, toward both what we do or generate and what comes from outside us. Play may be our most useful and productive way of engaging the energies, as it all ‘hangs’ on our wisdom and strength, signified by the oak in the image.

For those born with the Sun at 11 Leo: it may feel like you have just awakened, just been struck by the lightning of an exciting and vital idea, or that you are embarking on a renewed life, even if nothing in your circumstances has changed. This is the effect of having your Solar Return follow so closely in the lee of a New Moon. The emphasis, for you this year, is on creativity; be willing to be flexible, to make the changes, adjustments, and modifications that will support exercising your creative energies and doing right by your spiritual needs, because a helpful wind is with you–you can go a lot farther than you think. Good luck, Leo, and Happy Birthday!