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Japan, 1878, 12th month, Series: Allusions to the Seven Planets By Tsukioka Yoshitoshi {{PD}}

On the 28th it’s all about communications, thinking and reasoning, ideas, and sudden changeability, the quicksilver reactions of a mind that shifts before we can consciously address what’s happening. And what are we thinking about, talking about, and maybe changing our minds over? The power situation, and our dissatisfaction with it (Mercury sesq Ceres), angry episodes, our own anger or that of others (Mercury sq Mars), clever ways to change the situation (Mercury sxt Pluto), what we truly care about, and how that’s not being honored (Mercury sq Vesta), and the difficulties we have reaching for what we desire or getting what we aim for (Mercury qnx Zeus). This is our lead-in to the Lunar event for Wednesday.

On Thursday we see a pre-Full Moon atmosphere centered on one of two areas for each of us: one group will be appreciative, seeing assets or rewards expand, the mentality steeped in Love, actively living some version of the ideal Self (Mercury parallel Venus, Venus trine Jupiter, Sun parallel Neptune); the other sees a need to address the power situation or the distribution of authority actively, maybe angrily (Sun parallel Juno, Mars sesq Ceres). And then, the Full Moon–