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Pierre-Auguste Renoir – ‘Luncheon of the Boating Party’ c1880 {{PD}}

Today (the 6th) there’s a lot of ‘stuff’ going on; can you feel it, pushing at the edges of your brain, but unable to crystallize? Darn you, Mercury retrograde! Though to be fair, it’s just as likely that Merc is making us aware of facts from the past, as it is obscuring them (Jupiter parallel SN)–the danger in either case is that we won’t see where that’s leading us (contraparallel NN). What we ruminate on, and where our attention goes, is decidedly ‘unhealthy’ in some way, either by making us overly-aware of our illusions/ delusions, or by bringing forward questions we must no longer ignore but find ourselves doing anything to avoid answering (Merc contra-parallel Hygeia, Sun sq Black Moon Lilith, contra-parallel Pallas and Neptune). At times like these we often find that instincts and taking action can bypass those sticky reasoning issues and free up our energy, but not so today, as our choices and actions cause conflict with our instincts and deep inner knowing, leaving us in the exhausting position of shadow-boxing with ourselves (Mars sesq Sedna). What can help, then? Maybe a dash of spontaneity, or turning to the group when we are usually prone to go it alone (or vice versa, to go it alone when we typically rely on the group), or maybe taking a disciplined, academic approach when our usual modus operandi is chaotic or random (Uranus semi-sq Hygeia). Not a particularly difficult day, if we can just let it all roll off our backs; the truly useful thing about today is that it prepares us (by sharpening both senses and reactions) in some unique ways for what comes over the weekend.

Saturday the 7th sees us easily and naturally accessing our creativity and inspired by and so using our skills and wisdom, able to create in ways both smart and highly particular to who we are (Artists, take note!–Neptune parallel Pallas)–and this can be both profitable and healing (Venus trine Saturn and nov Chiron). We gain, materially and in relationships, from recognizing reality, from exercising restraint, and from hard work–and all of it makes the world a better place.

By Sunday the 8th, though, we might run into a few difficulties, namely that thoughts, beliefs, and facts may present a dissonant picture (Merc sesq Jupiter) and that who we are may seem totally unrelated to our ambitions and what we desire (Sun opp and contra-parallel Zeus). With this latter, we need to recognize that this isn’t a call to change what we aim for so much as it’s a marker of the disparity between the Self-image we carry in our own mind and what we truly want in the world. We’ll never fulfill those ambitions unless we acknowledge that we’re the kind of person who would want those things in the first place. Use today’s feedback to reconcile the identity with the appetites.

And have a great week!