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‘The Queen in Hamlet’ (BTW, that’s Gertrude) By Edwin Austin Abbey 1894 {{PD}}

. . . three big things this week: Love, Money, and Power. All the forces shaping what comes will be driven by one or more of these. If your response to this is, “Duh!” I don’t blame you; these are obvious drivers at any time, but this week they’ll be especially potent, focused, and may manifest as often materially or physically as they do symbolically or as a ‘blanket effect’ (that is, being the ultimate broad category into which ‘smaller’ events fall). For each day I’ll list the L, M, or P influence, and the potential energy or form with which to most successfully meet it.

Power All The Way: Today, the 9th, Juno sesquiquadrates Ceres and Pluto sextiles Juno=power struggles threaten personal autonomy and one’s effectiveness, especially in terms of getting others to follow our direction. In spite of the retro, we are still able to think wisely concerning Power and its exercise and abuse (Merc trine Ceres and sxt Pallas). Assets we can muster include using those beliefs of ours that represent our highest values (Jupiter nov Vesta), being willing to adjust our actions and choices to better take us in the direction we want to go (Mars qnx NN), and awareness that we have a direct line from psyche to instincts (Sun parallel Sedna).

Power Issues Addressed Through Love or Money (and a Big Dash of Hope): The 10th we find everyone’s attention is drawn to what isn’t working in the Power arena, which can act as an invitation to those with more power to commandeer it from those with less–that, however, would be unwise (Sun sq Pluto, Pluto sesq Pallas). What saves us? True awareness of our own wounds (uncovered, they lose much of their power over us) (Merc parallel Chiron–and beware: those who seek to grab your power will definitely try to get it by wounding you with words). Muster optimism and exercise that power that’s truly your own, and accept the support offered by partners (Jupiter trine Juno), and put assets (talents or other resources) behind actions (Venus trine Mars)–you may worry you won’t have ‘enough’, but trying to hold supplies in a static state just won’t work (Venus sq Nodal axis).

The Atmosphere Cools: By the 11th the scene may have cooled down, just a tad, while adjustments to expenditures and to beliefs continues. Seek counsel from trusted others (particularly those with similar beliefs) when in doubt (Venus semi-sq Chiron and sxt Hygeia, Sun qnx Jupiter and semi-sq Pallas).

‘The Magician’ By Nicholas Roerich Before 1943 {{PD}}

Creative Magic: The 12th the environment seems to hold magic–and so do we, if we can embrace the idea of ‘long memory’, taking into account everything we know, no matter how far back the knowledge was acquired, if we can focus our thoughts and perceptions on beauty and/ or profit, and if we are willing to dedicate resources to create/ manifest our ideals (Juno and Vesta nov SN, Venus sxt Neptune, Merc nov Venus).

Innovate: On the 13th it’s an ‘either/ or’ day: either we use the power of imagination to create perfect health (in our body or in some system or circumstance), or we just can’t get a handle on what makes for health, or what it looks like (Neptune conj Hygeia); we either embrace chaos (because we see some wisdom in it) or we innovate, invent, or turn to the group, because that’s where the smart move takes us (Uranus nov Pallas); and we divorce relationships or financial matters from optimism or the belief system, in order to protect them, or we sacrifice Love or Money in a (probably fruitless) attempt to expand (Venus contra-parallel Jupiter).

The Power Curve: By Saturn’s day, the 14th, we’ll likely see where our Love, Money, and Power plays have taken us–and we see possibilities open up in our world because of it (Jupiter sxt Pluto). Belief follows the Power Curve, and serves to support action taken to make dreams a reality (Mars sxt Neptune). How do we profit today? By adjusting our everyday values to mesh with our most sacred ones, by accepting and acknowledging what we’ve been denying or ignoring, and by refusing to repeat Love or Money patterns from the past–keep your eye on the future (Venus trine Black Moon Lilith, sesq Vesta, parallel NN).

‘Egyptian’ By Henriette Browne 1866 {{PD}}

Daily Word Image for the whole week is: anything Egypt

Have a wonderful week!