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By Eugène Carrière ‘Meditation’ c1890 {{PD}}

This is the last installment in our Ascendant series–I hope you’ve enjoyed it! All the other signs are available here on the site–just search!

We hear about how the Pisces rising person appears scattered and unfocused to others, but do we notice how often others gather round that individual, as if the very air they breathe contains some kind of creative juice? This sign rising can come across like a font of inspiration, a walking dream (or nightmare!), whatever you’re looking for, or a victim—but from the inside looking out, what they’re seeing is usually the same world you see, just either under gauzy filters or selectively perceived—that means they don’t waste their time on what doesn’t matter to them—and this disconnect from the mundane and every day is interpreted by some as being unfocused. Do they hear the singing of the spheres? Oh yes, they do, but they also hear you nattering on about household matters or politics or what happened at the grocery store—just because they’re not giving you their rapt attention, don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re absent minded or that they’ve checked out—of all the signs, Pisces may most easily hold a great number of things in their awareness at once—it’s all that practice attuned to the Collective that makes it possible.

Since Pisces rising so easily receives (without their consent) the projections of others, most people see these individuals (unconsciously, of course) as either a dumping ground or as idealized, and it’s not uncommon for them to receive the projections of the social sphere, via ancient ruler Jupiter. Having this rising sign is almost like wearing camouflage, with the exception of those times others put all their negatives on the Pisces rising person (that’s not to say, especially in the case of Pisces rising Josef Stalin, that the negative rep isn’t deserved)—then Pisces wants to get lost in a dream just to avoid the nonsense she’s being handed. Since the onlooker has the potential to see such a variety of images, we turn to the Pisces rising individual to consider what she sees from the inside, looking out.

Pisces rising sees the world as an illusion; this can be anything from the concept of Maya to the belief that everybody’s a no-good liar—whatever the beliefs underpinning it (and there will be beliefs, courtesy of Jupiter again) it’s a ‘what you see isn’t what you get’ framework. Pisces may have survived an early environment that repeatedly pulled the perceptual rug out from under her—or, the caretaker was so harsh or punitive that Pisces had to escape to a land of imagination—or caretakers could’ve encouraged creativity to the exclusion of more grounding energies, and Pisces doesn’t know how to get back to Earth. Too, Pisces could’ve been in an environment where being a chameleon, or even invisible, was preferable to being noticed, or where lies were the only shelter. This rising sign can be hyper-sensitive to the surroundings, and so the Piscean reaction may actually be an over-reaction. In positive forms Pisces rising can literally (often through reading bodily sensation) act as a bridge between the seen and unseen, and in any case can tap the Collective and channel the creative, imaginative, and what’s on the cusp of appearing as the latest thing (and unless it’s tech, often beating Aquarius to it).

This rising sign, though, may long to sink her hands in the dirt, to become truly involved in the most solid facets of reality—there will be a desire to become grounded, whether it’s conscious or not—and that’s where incorporating characteristics of the opposing sign, Virgo, comes in. Hands-on dealings with surroundings, plus a requirement to focus on details and accountability, will ground Pisces; becoming involved with what the Earth itself can produce (food, flowers, minerals, materials for construction and creation) can act to anchor Pisces and give the creative vision a solid place to manifest, beyond the purely spiritual or creative act. They are attuned to the Universal Om, the sound of the Cosmos, and that manifests as the material world, something Pisces rising needs to get to know.