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Loving Hearts Street Art
2014 (original upload date)
Author: agracier – NO VIEWS This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Okay, time is short, so I’m trying to choose the aspect or two with the most impact to discuss for each day–but I’m finding it tough! Just see these as hints to help you make the best choices.

14 June–I know, today’s almost over, but this is just too much to let pass by: Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune, contra-parallel Mars, and square Uranus, while the Sun is sesquiquadrate Mars=confused motivations, anyone? It’s hard to be ourselves, and yet it seems imperative we act, choose, or do–and Love, ideal conditions, or the ‘right’ choice seem light years away. The most important part of today is to realize everyone else is operating in a confused sort of fun-house, as well, and that’s so even if (or maybe especially when) they don’t realize they are.

15 June–Eyes on the prize, I end up with three stand-outs, today, and they’re not what you might expect: Neptune novile the South Node says we find inspiration in the past–for once it’s a good idea to look back and dream; Venus is contra-parallel Pluto and trine Chiron, setting up a dynamic where Love or Money brings change (no matter how much we resist), and whether we see it or not, this offers healing; and Sun quincunx Black Moon Lilith, which draws our attention relentlessly to what we’d rather pretend isn’t there. Deal with it or not? The other two influences, Neptune and Venus and their contacts, should provide some kind of answer.

16 June–It’s an obscure aspect contact that draws my attention for today: Pallas novile Ceres. This implies wisdom in strength, practicality in Self-responsibility, and that being smart means, to the appropriate extent, looking out for those for whom we’re responsible and recognizing the power of others and so being willing to negotiate, fair and square. Behaving like this brings forward little moments of genius, and manages to deliver to us outcomes that are more, in a positive vein, than the sum of their parts.