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John Leslie Breck – ‘Morning Fog and Sun’ 1891 {{PD}}

The 17th could be an amazing day, especially if we put our attention on the life we want to create, and draw inspiration and creative juice from past successes. Employing creative energy is really where it’s at, today; those seeking power, rather than expression, won’t be nearly as happy with what they encounter. If you’re feeling like an all-seeing god or goddess, you may be in for a shock: you meet your power equivalent, and in order for either of you to get even part of what you want, you’ll need to negotiate. Some things to remember: those things that are normally your strengths will be useless in working out who gets what–and respect for ‘the Other’ is necessary, no matter how different from you they may be (Pluto contra-parallel Ceres, Neptune novile the SN, Sun novile the NN)

On the 18th Neptune retreats, and we may pull back in some Neptunian area, in the creative or in spiritual work or stepping out of ‘the flow’, temporarily losing our footing as the world shifts a bit around us. We have our commitments, those things to which we’re dedicated or that we find sacred, and we want to act on them, for them, put our energy toward them, which may be easier said than done as Neptune withdraws its imaginative optimism. Instincts are clouded by a desire for power and worse, are funneled through the mind, which is uneasy with the primal nature of instincts in the first place. Tip for navigating: keep your moral compass in hand as you move forward–it’s the only way to know if you’re heading in the right direction (Saturn qnx NN, Mars nov Vesta, Mercury at the midpoint of Sedna-Ceres)