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William Blake – ‘The Day of Judgment’ 1805 {{PD}}

Really? You’re here for something more, after we just went under the muted rays of a Solar eclipse? I prefer to sit with big events, to let them permeate my viewpoint so I can see their effects–I’m not crazy about rushing on to the next thing, because when we pursue astrological knowledge that way, we end up absorbing very little–in fact, we often end up absorbing only what’s startling, and what agrees with our preconceptions–the first is unhelpful without context, and the second tells us nothing. Inevitably, that attitude creates a demand for info, endless, info, none of which holds a lot of meaning because the individual scrolls and scrolls, looking for–what? How we read our astro info gains great import under these conditions: it usually means that the individual scans pages of info daily, believing they’ll recognize the ‘important’ stuff (or at least the important for them stuff) when they hit it–but that’s not how any of this works. If our native judgment, untrained, is that good at knowing what’s relevant to both present and future, then we wouldn’t seek outside info in the first place–we would have total, unquestioned confidence in ourselves, because, hey, we never would’ve made a choice that with hindsight we judged to be inadequate or, gods forbid, wrong.

So, let’s look at today’s influences with the post-eclipse lens they deserve, and as we always do, selectively, blending influences into a relatively cohesive influence picture. That was a big event, even if you didn’t notice anything right away–it started something, and it may be hard to see that seedling if it hasn’t yet broken the surface. Today’s events will add to the atmosphere in which the eclipse energy unfolds. What’s smart or practical isn’t clear, sullied by our own delusions, the lies we’ve accepted, and what we hope for, rather than what is real, and it might be tough to see what’s destructive, or actually evil, around us (Neptune sesq Pallas, Sun contra-parallel Pluto). Thinking is wounded, and somewhat anti-social in nature (Mercury sesq Chiron and contra-parallel Jupiter). What’s right about our world, at least what’s loving or profitable, will be clear, though (Venus trine Saturn), and we should focus efforts there, on building Love or Wealth into whatever we do–with all else, our perceptions are unreliable.