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“A prudent question is one half of wisdom–                                             Francis Bacon

Here’s a little something for your perusal from a past issue of ECLIPSE:

There seems to be this thrum, like a tuning fork struck, that hums and vibrates and centers the energy of each sign. It offers a note of attunement to which anyone may relate, usually through a planet or point in the natal chart that is placed in that sign. Within this vibration is a question; this is derived from the way each specific energy reaches out, how it connects to others. The question is a background sound, a white noise within the sign’s characteristic harmonic, that lies beneath all interactions conducted within a sign. It’s most obvious in the Sun and Moon, as each inform such a big part of the psyche, but it’s true of all placements: they will carry this particular level of attunement, and through it reach out to the Cosmos. This question springs from the natural uncertainty that all Beings carry, the hesitation that helps our survival, but that can gum up our ability to trust ourselves and act effectively. It is, in short, an expression of energy essence that is looking for confirmation of its rightness.

Each planet and point, of course, will carry this sign energy in its own special way. Mars will deliver the question through assertion; if the sign he’s in is Aries, he may ask, “Will you let me lead?” This will be behind every ego push, every action, every aggression–in the back of the mind of one with this placement, the question of whether others will agree to her or his leadership is always on the table, no matter the actual topic. In Gemini, Mars may act to acquire information; “Share what you know!” may be the background demand, as Mars applies his natural urges to the style at hand.

We’ll look at each sign, and the questions it might bring to the expression of any energy, always remembering that this is background to whatever else is actively going on. With Aries the question is, “Will you let me lead?” or sometimes, “Can I fight for you?” Other times Aries asks, “Should I do it?”, but always the subject is whether the single energy should make a move on its own; the Self is Aries’ primary concern.

In Taurus the query is, “Will this make for security?” or perhaps, “Will this provide comfort?” Taurus is more focused on the environmental condition than on who in particular will benefit–though his or her own position of security or comfort will be the primary impetus for ‘asking’.

Gemini wants to know, “Do you hear me?” and, included in that question is the unspoken plea for interaction via an answer: “Will you share your information with me?” Recall here that the flow of information is more important than anything else; in the sign of the twins it’s a two (or more)-way exchange.

The idea of nurture is prominent with Cancer, and so the question becomes, “Will you let me care?” The Cancerian is asking permission to come into your intimate world, to be one of those who matter–and by extension asks you to care for them, too.

For Leo, a Fire sign just like Aries, the focus comes back to the Self. Leo asks, “Did you see what I can do?” Though it seems conceited, the Leonine urge is about what she or he can add by their mere presence. It is both an example to others of necessary confidence, and the offering of that to everyone contacted.

In Virgo the questions centers in details examined; it may be “What’s not right here?” or it may be “Are you keeping accounts, or should I?” Virgo has the gift of spotting what needs to be altered, and the tenacity to see to each article within a whole through to harvest.

The duality of Libra is the central vibe here, a duality that needs an Other in order to know itself. ‘Will you accept me/ partner with me?” is the constant, unspoken refrain; secondarily, it’s “Where’s the Love?” Libra reminds us of the roles we play for each other.

One might be forgiven for not spotting the question behind the sting with Scorpio; it’s imperative that our Scorpion hide, safely in her cave, even as she asks, “Can I go deeper?” or “Can I tell you a secret?” The psychic probing of this sign knows no bounds, and immediately homes in on what is darkest or hidden–but all with the purpose of bringing in the light.

Sagittarius questions the knowledge involved or the horizon, wondering which direction we should head. “Is there something more we should know?” may be unnerving to accomplices, but Sag will find what needs to be known, and reveal it. They offer a ‘Big Picture’ view by making us think about where we’re going, and what we need to know to get there.

With Capricorn boundaries and the strength of one’s ‘structure’ is questioned. “Where does this end?” and “Will this hold up?” seem like dull places to focus–until we realize how vital the integrity of the structures we rely on truly is. Cappy tests ‘what is’ helping us see reality in the process.

The question for Aquarius might be twofold: “Is it smart?” and “Is it original?”  The Aquarian wants to be reassured that efforts are both effective and modern. Theirs is a standard of intellect and innovation that live up to ideals, and they act as excellent keepers of high goals and especially of relevancy to the present.

Pisces asks, “Did I imagine it?” Orientation to the present and reality are sought, and Pisces’ questions bring creativity to the forefront even as they ground it through Collective experience. They also ask, “Who created this?” in appreciation of Neptunian energy, and in connection with the divine.