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Porträt der Tochter (Daughter’s Portrait) ‘Lotte’ by Carlos Schwabe {{PD}}
Carlos Schwabe

If you want to do the hard work and get rewarded for it, Sunday’s your day. You probably won’t have to break a sweat, it’s much more about using our powers of observation and thinking logically. We have the perfect set-up for seeing what’s not smart or practical in the reality picture and then changing it (with some god-like savvy and effectiveness) by drawing on talents and valuable lessons we’ve brought forward from the past. A few of us will run off the rails, convinced of something that’s not true, believing it only because they insist on ignoring or denying important facts–but that’s not you, right? Today may show you in some remarkable ways just how much influence and control you have, especially over your own life–you’d do well to step up and accept your power (Pluto trine Ceres, Neptune semi-sq Black Moon Lilith, Saturn sesq Pallas, Mars moves back into Capricorn, Venus trines the South Node).