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Wojciech Kossak 1912 {{PD}}

With a little effort (for we may resist, telling ourselves that putting aside pre-conceptions is risky, even unhealthy), today we can avoid the usual reactive pitfalls of relationships, those wounds we harbor and then speak or act from without thinking. We can, at least for a time, put reactive bad habits aside. Instead we’ve got a chance to divorce interaction from our sense of hurt or distress, and so see the relationship for what it really is. This also means the way we choose to act will be entirely under our conscious control–so be ready to embrace responsibility more completely than ever before. (Venus contra-parallel Chiron, Sun sesq Hygeia)

Would you describe the prevailing atmosphere as post-eclipse ennui, or is it more of an existential dread thing? Asking for a friend. I’m joking, but as they say, within every joke is at least a kernel of truth–or why else would we laugh? It’s that jolt of recognizing reality and its absurdities that creates the impact. I think recently, and today, the 13th, in particular, we’re really feeling that Fist of God, with base of Juno square Pallas, apex Saturn. That brings all the tension between our empowerment needs (which include the need to feel like we’re having an impact, like what we say and do really matters) and what’s wise, smart, or practical, to the surface–and what do we get when we resolve that tension? Reality, with a big ‘R’! So, current unrest is all about seeing the state of our own effectiveness (and especially the respect we do or don’t receive), and what is the wise way to address it (as opposed to a way completely dictated by emotion, or the reactive nature–which method is bound to be labeled ‘disaster’). Keep a cool head, show others the respect and consideration you would like to be shown, and know that right now dealing well with our environment and our relationships is entirely up to us–it’s a ‘choice to see’–requiring us to observe, register, respond to, and deal with what is, indisputably, right there before us–and so shape and create Reality as consciously as we possibly can. This config dissolves by the 16th, so won’t last too much longer.

Refreshments are here, here, and here, and have a wonderful day!