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Henri Martin – ‘The Apparition’ 1894 {{PD}}

What keeps the Jupiter-Neptune trine perfecting today from presenting a mass delusion, or manifesting as hopelessly confusing or misleading information, fantasy, or deception run amok? It’s that lovely parallel of Venus to Neptune; it keeps our focus on what we value, on what matters, on what’s worthy, to us–and that means optimism plus ideals and dreams creates a chance to believe it, and so see it. To make the most of this aspect takes a depth of faith few of us have, but that’s not necessarily a negative thing; without a healthy skepticism we’d end up in an endless string of victimizing situations. Today, though, we can lay that skepticism aside, as long as we have two other faculties tuned up and on point: our sense of what’s wise (which is also what’s healthy, big clue there!) and our instincts. If those two are up and running with no obstacles, this can be a day when we attract our heart’s desire–but then, good, bad, or otherwise, we’ll have to face that what appears is what we’ve been pulling toward us, all along (Pallas sesq Hygeia, Jupiter trine Neptune, Venus sesq Sedna and parallel Neptune)

Bonus: If you have a natal placement at 13-17 of Cancer, Jupiter-Neptune fills in a Water Grand Trine. You should see all the possible potentials in, all your delusions about, and all the opportunities to create, represented by the contacted natal energy or point. For you, this could be a life Path altering day–good luck!