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‘Corner Loge’ By Mary Cassatt 1879 {{PD}}

Ceres enters Libra and opposes Chiron in Aries, forming a Cardinal T-square with an arm of stationary and then direct Saturn in Capricorn, which lasts through the 12th. This may act as backdrop for two other active players, the Sun and Mercury; the background, first. The T may set up a doing dynamic (Cardinal energy) where we believe we’re approaching everything with a Collective awareness, a sense that we’re thinking adequately of others and their needs, especially partners or our audience (Libra)–the reality may be that we are falsely equating what we as individuals believe and want with what everyone wants (Aries). We think we know the ‘right’ answer for every situation, and will charge forward until obstacles, or conversely a sudden ‘Go!’ signal (the brakes removed by Saturn’s direct motion), slows us down (yes, the suddenly open pathway will be a case of ‘You’re getting your way so you can see how wrong you are!’) It doesn’t mean everything will be a disaster; at least some of what happens will be positive, will represent significant progress–it’s more a condition where we will learn how injurious having our unfettered way can be to ourselves and to others (Chiron in Aries).

That said, once we wake up to this dynamic, we’ll likely fall into a ‘Me Versus the World’ mindset. A square of Pluto to Zeus and Mars square Venus might make us feel there are forces out to get us (or at least someone ready to give us a hard time), and a trine of Uranus to Pallas might make it very difficult to consider we may not be the wisest voice–and this also makes Saturn a partner in an Earth Grand Trine with Pallas-Mercury and Uranus, lasting through the 11th, but with Merc moving on by the 8th. We see ourselves (or the group–Uranus) as smart and practical, reasonable, original and innovative–and good luck convincing us otherwise!

The most ‘surface’ energies we’ll deal with come in two flavors: the Sun and what it touches, and Mercury and what it touches. The Sun will contra-parallel and oppose Neptune=the influence is one of rationality, but that also means creativity and idealism suffer in the light of critical thinking (Virgo Sun); parallel Hygeia and novile the North Node=our attention to the critical functions and the details is healthy, and can help guide us in clever and advantageous acts that form the future; and the Sun acts as apex to a Fist of God with base of Mars square Uranus=those who truck in anger and chaos at this time may find themselves under a criticism-welcoming spotlight.

With Mercury we see it quincunx Mars and then enter Virgo=anger over the ego or how we’re treated as an individual (Merc in Leo) generates anger that gives way to a more discerning approach to things (Virgo); then quincunx Chiron, with the sextile of Chiron to Mars making Merc the apex to a Finger of God=a healed ego or assertive energy ‘speaks’ in some form; conjoin Pallas=and the result of that Finger is an addition to our store of wisdom; sesquiquadrate Pluto, and then Merc waltzes into that Earth Grand Trine=difficult but good for you eliminations segue into an appreciation of some facet of our balanced view/ approach; finally forming apex to another Finger, this one with base of Black Moon Lilith-South Node sextile Hygeia=when we face  and ‘process’ the past or those things we’ve been ignoring, we get healthy, and that influences our thinking positively. Isn’t that always the way?

We deal with ‘I versus We’ concepts through this period; with any luck, we achieve that healthy balance, and work out a viable and productive plan to go forward.

Check back for Daily Word Image updates, and have a wonderful week!

We’ll call this the Word Image for Today and Tomorrow, the 5th and 6th: I had a dream that I’ve been trying to retrieve since I woke up–and it’s not getting any clearer. I know at some point I’ll remember–even in the dream state, I thought: Oh, this is a really useful symbol. But, when I ‘see’ the dream, there is a central image that is blurred out. So, for now, I’m going to say that stands for something in the middle of our lives that either we should be focusing on, or that we’re missing all together–and its importance is based on its central role, around which so much else is defined or operates.