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‘Two Small Pyramids with Ekphrenes in the Distance’ Photo By John Shaw Smith 1852 {{PD}}

Where we put our attention today we have x-ray vision–but that’s also the catch, we have to figure out where we need to put our attention, in order to see with exaggerated depth and clarity in solid and real-world (Capricorn) terms. If we go at it from a position that emphasizes how we can exert our own authority, we lose power; it leaks out or pulls away from us and we can’t prevent it. But, if we think about priorities, those things we dedicate ourselves to, and our highest values, we automatically align with what needs doing–but again, this only works if we know (and admit) our truest allegiances. There’s another way in, though: follow the Love, or follow the Money, and we’ll see what’s wise (or maybe practical), whether that’s through examples of good ‘investment’ or by showing us what not to care about or put our faith in.

(Venus nov Pallas, Merc nov Vesta and semi-sq Ceres, Sun conj Pluto)