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‘Children acting the ‘Play Scene’ from “Hamlet,” Act II, Scene ii’ By Charles Hunt 1863 {{PD}}

We may be so distracted by the drama going on over power, desire, ambition, who cares about whom, who’s in charge of what (and whom), and who’s aggressing with their words (and probably denying it), that we may miss the actual impact of a particular aggression. We may lump all the kerfuffle together and so miss the one event or thrust of some action or assertion that really should be getting us up in arms, mustering our originality, accessing philosophy and Higher Mind in order to cope, and for which we are equipped with a clever and unique way of handling the circumstance. Stay calm; be the eye of the storm, and keep your focus attuned to spot that one, truly significant howl that will rise above the rest.

(Ceres sits at the midpoint of the Zeus-Pluto square, Vesta is sq Ceres and sesq Zeus and so also semi-sq Pluto, Merc contra-parallel Mars, and, saving the biggest punch for last, Mars conj Uranus)

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

Happy Solar Return to those born with the Sun at 23 Aquarius! (this year in effect evening Pacific time of the 11th through evening of the 12th–see your birth chart for your Sun degree!) Will it feel like the shining essence of who you are goes behind a cloud this year? Yes, just a little–but it’s for good reason. You’re getting ready to show the world who you are, getting ready to take the lead in your own life, listening to Higher Mind to see if those plans are as good as they seem to be–and you’re measuring everything to see if it’s practical and smart–you’ve got your hands full! So it doesn’t matter so much if you get overlooked or passed by this year–because like the caterpillar in the cocoon, you’re healing wounds, making amends, honing your original expression, and readying yourself to make a fabulous debut. Just one caution: don’t allow others to name you the ‘bad guy’ when all you’re doing is getting yourself together–the process of metamorphosis makes you an easy target for projection, and any such labeling may arise out of pure jealousy from those stuck in the mud.