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Wow, the past seems so much shinier than the present, doesn’t it? We make the mistake of thinking we can and should re-create a previous environment–but the problem is we do so under the impression that, since our past shaped our current outlook and values, we can ‘go back’, in a sense, and do ‘it’ so much better, this time around. 1) we don’t have this prerogative, and 2) this points out what we’ve forgotten: that in this particular period we are thinking of, we were not as empowered as we are today, and that we learned those valuable lessons because we had to deal with the totality of circumstances in effect at the time. Now our instincts scream at us not to alter the reality picture to more resemble a partially-understood fever dream, and we’d be smart to listen, rather than muffle the inner voice. Instead, concentrate present efforts on communicating power needs and in formulating plans to transform what’s unsatisfactory–much better than succumbing to a shiny but flawed revision of history.

(Vesta nov SN, Saturn sesq Juno, Mars enters Taurus and semi-squares Neptune, Merc semi-sq Pluto, Sun sq Sedna)

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

Happy Solar Return to those born with the Sun at 25 Aquarius! (this year in effect evening Pacific time of the 13th through evening of the 14th–see your birth chart for your Sun degree!) You may see crises around you this year, but have the distinct feeling they don’t really involve you–but do they? What you’ll observe is in anticipation of what you’ll soon experience a version of yourself–so pay close attention to what works, and what doesn’t as a response. If you’re willing to face the hard stuff head on you’ll gain considerably, and by the end of the year emotional harmony, and a refinement of the intuition as a conduit for information, will be yours.