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‘The Storm Spirits’ By Evelyn De Morgan c1900 {{PD}}

The New Moon occurs at 1:50 AM PDT at 15 Aries 17. The Aries New Moon always feels like a fresh start, doesn’t it? Our personal energy and drive are renewed, it falls more or less at spring in the Northern Hemisphere and sees autumn in the Southern (those fall days their own kind of renewal), and as such it’s reasonable to look at this Moon as a personal new beginning, a statement of ‘I Am’ in the sign of the individual viewpoint. The Sabian for this NM is, ‘Nature Spirits Are Seen At Work In The Light Of Sunset’. This points us in an interesting direction when we consider the ‘I Am’ new start nature of the New Moon itself. The Sabian suggests an ending, an abating of light–which of course is a new beginning of its own as night encroaches–and maybe suggests this New Moon is a reminder that spirit/ the Universe/ the Unseen is active in all circumstances, not just in shiny new beginnings, the bright light of day, or in those areas where we’re focused on subjects we approve of and see as ‘spiritual’. When we define certain things in life as spiritual and denounce the rest as less than, we set up a dynamic that fails to recognize spirit in all things, so we repeatedly end up confused by the experiences we’re having and the results we’re getting. Life is not experienced piecemeal, and it shouldn’t be interpreted that way, either.

As my regular readers know, I like to keep orbs very tight for New and Full Moons. This time around that gives us only two aspects, a trine to Ceres and a novile to Sedna. The picture is one of Self-possession, autonomy, personal authority, that aligns us with all we need to know to act and choose appropriately, if we trust our instincts and are conscious of our blind spots. That may be a big ‘if’, but a willingness to be Self-aware (as opposed to a pick-and-choose awareness that simply ignores what we don’t like or don’t want to change in ourselves) is key. What starts at this New Moon may be a fresh, crisper image of ourselves, one that is much more confident as it is both more responsible and more responsive. We see that moving through life takes much less of a power stance than we thought, much less outright assertion, and much more pure competence and openness to instinct and all that we know but don’t know.