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‘The Lantern Bearers’ By Maxfield Parrish 1908 {{PD}}

For those who have the natal Sun at 16 Aries. Does it feel like you’re on the cusp of realizing a great dream, or maybe being overwhelmed by a great fear? That’s both ultra-real, and an illusion. The real part is that you are in a position to make things happen, maybe more empowered than ever before, but the fear part may come from 1) an overactive imagination that sets out to sabotage you the moment you get close to the motherlode, 2) something catching up to you that you’ve been hoping to ignore but that you know you must face–and it won’t be that bad, or 3) you’ve deluded yourself all along about what you want, and now that it’s almost here . . . The best and biggest, most effective step you can take at this time is to be honest with yourself–and then to commit to going forward, to putting one foot in front of the other, no matter which direction you end up choosing.

For those who have the natal Sun at 17 Aries. The feelings are a little squishy right now, urging you to curl up with a hot toddy and ignore the storm–but that’s not really you, it flies in the face of your Arian go-getter practicality. Indulge for a short while, but not for too long, as there are some big questions coming up about your dreams and where they’re taking you–and right now you have a kind of magic ability to translate those dreams into some form of reality–you just have to pull yourself together and focus. If you’re worried, don’t be–you’ve already got the basics covered, and you’re not going to forget those just because you’re going full tilt after that goal. Go ahead, the Universe is here, right behind you, ready to catch you if you stumble–but you won’t.

For those who have the natal Sun at 18 Aries. This coming Solar year, you may find yourself repeatedly needing to weigh your thoughts and words, to consider what it’s smart to say, reveal, or agree to–and you would be wise to question things thoroughly, as that’s the only way you’ll hear the real-world and what’s wise over the din created by the emotions. Though those feeling are definitely yours, they’re not reliable this year as indicators for what you should or shouldn’t do, and indulging them is nothing but wishful thinking. Just for now, operate as if there is no such thing as ‘intuition’–specifically because you may be tempted to frame things as, ‘The Powers that Be are Anti-Love–and I’ll show them!’ That’s a tack for disaster, so don’t take it; instead see that the authorities are seeing something you’re not–so avoid the financial or emotional plunge, until you’re feeling more clearly.

Check your natal chart for the correct Sun degree (you may want to read both the degree number and the one that follows, if you have minutes on your Sun position–that offers a more complete picture of your year ahead).