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‘A Sunday on La Grande Jatte’ By, Georges Seurat 1884 {{PD}}

The big news is that Jupiter stations retrograde in the AM Pacific time at 24 Sagittarius 21, right as the Gemini Moon opposes it. I’m expecting a bit of an emotional wrench, a spasm of the heart, as optimism, opportunity, or a source of knowledge is withdrawn–and we fear, in a too-literal way, that we’ve missed our chance. Or maybe it will be a scenario where we reach out–and can’t seem to reach out far enough, never making contact–or one where we learn something, some set of facts, as the curtain is pulled aside. In any case, disorienting, with the chance that we’ll blurt, run off at the mouth, or insist on sharing, and this is likely something we’ll wish we’d have kept to ourselves (Gemini Moon). Just be prepared, and allow yourself room to process.

The rest of the day is all shadows, implications, and a few hard corners. We may find ourselves improvising on the fly, with only the past as reference, and it may be an open question as to whether what we learn is worthy and transformative, or illusive or even destructive. Proceed with caution, with an eye to those real-world edges, restrictions, and barriers, as those will cause damage if we insist on driving into them–use instincts and acknowledge what you ‘know but don’t know’ to avoid problems all together.

(Mars sesq SN, Venus parallel Neptune, Mercury sxt Pluto, Sun sq Saturn and parallel Sedna)

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

For those who have the natal Sun at 20 Aries. Check your natal chart for the correct Sun degree (you may want to read both the degree number and the one that follows, if you have minutes on your Sun position–that offers a more complete picture of your year ahead). Reality is making some demands on you right now, dear Aries, that you’d be wise to face and deal with; the pay off will be a genuine command of your own life, and that sounds pretty good, right? This may involve dealing with the most mundane of matters, the real nuts-and-bolts of the work and living pictures, but will be worth it for the way it frees you, about half way to your next birthday, and offers you a crack at an actual dream come true. So, do the hard work, visualize what you want in detail, be optimistic (you can’t really aim TOO high), and you could reach next year having attained one of your most treasured goals. Good luck!

And thank you to all who wrote to me to make sure I was all right, to support me, and to encourage me to get the rest I needed. Your kindness was very much appreciated. I’m still not 100%, but I’m getting there 🙂