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By NIBW at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10502844

It’s not really disastrous, not really a pile-up on the highway, more like a clean-up near the soft drinks, but it’s going to leave at least some of us confused and maybe a little bruised, feeling ‘underwater’ in some way, as an unavoidable spotlight is turned on the health of our feeling nature. How truly connected are we to reality? And specifically, how committed are we to taking a negative view, believing (wrongly) that this attitude in itself is more realistic than optimism? How much accident, surprise, and shocking revelation feature today in your life will be in direct proportion to how clearly you’re perceiving ‘what is’–big upsets mean you are operating in a fantasy that bears little resemblance to the world as it exists, while few or no surprises means you have a clear bead on things–and so are being effective in making choices and moving forward. No matter what, view what happens today as instructional, as information offered to you for your benefit. The Universe doesn’t want to rebuke you, it just wants to wake you up.

(Uranus and Sun conj and Neptune semi-sq Hygeia, Mercury contra-parallel Venus)

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

For those who have the natal Sun at 02 Taurus. Check your natal chart for the correct Sun degree (you may want to read both the degree number and the one that follows, if you have minutes on your Sun position–that offers a more complete picture of your year ahead). The Higher Self is in charge this year, dear Aries, propelling (or maybe dragging!) you into the future, like it or not. The unconscious is informed by spirit, working through your own actions and orchestrating all else to create the experiences you need on order to reach a state of deeper understanding than what you enjoy now. It may be a frustrating or chaotic year, and yet it’s all for a purpose, and all meant to take you to exactly the spot you need to be. Trust yourself, and trust the Universe–believe it or not, it’s all working in your favor.