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“Hands #1,” painting by Daniel Maidman, oil on canvas, 24″x24″, 2011 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Maidman

Today Juno and Mercury-Hygeia form the base to a Finger of God, apex Ceres, and there’s another Finger, with base of Ceres and Pallas, apex Mercury-Hygeia; also keep in mind that Mercury is contra-parallel Black Moon Lilith. Fingers hold a promise: if you can get the two base energies to work together (and the sextile indicates they are disposed to work harmoniously), then your result will be of the nature of the apex placement. Whether that’s good or bad, in your judgment, isn’t stated, but since I believe the Universe is always operating in our favor, I tend to interpret it in a positive light, while still acknowledging that there is a possible down side, as well, represented by the fact that both base energies contact the apex body by quincunx. The quincunx is an angle of contact of 150 degrees, with an orb of no more than 2 degrees in either direction. This relationship between entities always implies discomfort or discord, as each feels a need to adjust expression to the other, typically without finding accommodation. That means that the two harmonious energies that form the base get along, but that the outcome of their combining creates some sort of strife or anxiety, expressed through the apex energy.

In ‘getting’ a Finger configuration, we are offered a dynamic, and its outcome, without specifically laying out how this will be achieved, other than through interaction of the base entities. So, with the apex Ceres Finger, we’ll likely see healthy thinking, either about literal health and nurture or concerning security and safety (Merc-Hygeia in Taurus) as it’s carried out, through our personal venues of empowerment, possibly where we ‘mother’ ourselves or someone it’s our duty to care for (Juno in Cancer). The result is personal authority, a claiming of territory or dominion, especially dominion over another for whom we are responsible (Ceres), and this allows us one of several things: we are empowered to reach out, beyond our normal scope, or we learn or discover the facts, and bolster our power that way, or with this result we see our belief in our right to have power reinforced, or we may find ourselves empowered to negotiate in a way we haven’t been able to before. The result is power enhancement that carries a Sagittarian tone–but, what we have to keep in mind is that this doesn’t arise smoothly out of the sextile, but comes instead from some sort of discomfort generated by our need to know, to express power, to acknowledge our belief and its ‘rightness’–that is, to express Ceres in Sagittarius–with the possible implication that this isn’t nurturing or ‘healthy’, as we’ve been expressing these qualities.

The Finger apex Merc-Hygeia is based on the power of knowing, information, outreach, belief, or in vested authority (Ceres in Sag) blended with the wisdom of cooperation, diplomacy, and partnership (Pallas in Libra). Together, these create a way of thinking about material assets, comfort, supplies, security, or talent expression (Mercury in Taurus) that arises out of some discord between the personal authority we hold (Ceres) and what’s wise (Pallas) and may bring into question whether our efforts are ‘healthy’ or not (Hygeia–and that means healthy in the way those efforts do or don’t harmonize with our current ideas of what’s wise, or what’s a positive expression of our power). The contra-parallel of Mercury to Black Moon Lilith adds dimension; our thinking may be plagued by all that we’ve been ignoring or denying, or we may find ourselves enraged by the fact that we must even question our ideas of our own privilege, the concepts of cooperation and partnership, or what, in the overall scheme of things, is truly wise.

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

For those born with the Sun at 22 Taurus. Check your natal chart for the correct Sun degree (you may want to read both the degree number and the one that follows, if you have minutes on your Sun position–together these offer a more complete picture of your year ahead). The world is your oyster this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, Taurus, as long as you can bring yourself to cooperate with those who can ‘make it happen’ for you. That means you’ll need to know the score, have a good grasp of the facts, and be optimistic, even if that’s not your natural default. Fairness will be of paramount importance, so don’t ignore the needs of others, and do set needed limits and claim your power as your own. Being unafraid to make changes may be key, and don’t balk at carrying a little more responsibility–that leads to both more complete understanding and more extensive control. Good luck!