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‘Still Life with Copper Pots’ By Martin Dichtl 17th century {{PD}}

If you’re looking for the forecast for the 17th, it’s here–

What happens when assertive energies, frustrated by their place in a sign that requires feeling instead of doing, contact a dark point where one may hide what is ignored or denied, and this meeting coincides with Love or Money delivering accident, shock, or revelation, simultaneous to a Full Moon in Scorpio that ramps up the feeling atmosphere to 11, with that Moon precisely opposed (only 30 minutes variation) Sedna, harbinger of difficult-to-access knowledge, instinct, and our own blind spot? Well, we’re going to find out, aren’t we 🙂

The day threatens to be a hot mess, one created by our actions driven by what we’ve ignored or denied, or by an unacknowledged rage, one where our relationships or finances hold the power to shock and surprise, to rob us of our usual understanding through sudden developments or information delivered in a flash or by (or through) accident. Our attention will be on what we instinctively respond to, but the clarity of our perceptions is dependent on Self-knowledge; if we are operating in our own blind spot, our only way of knowing is to read the faces of those around us, and hope that someone will tell you what everyone but you knows.

The Full Moon perfects just a couple of days before the Superior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury; this is our first clue that the emotions and information in the atmosphere will be liminal, not entirely conscious, and not entirely available to the conscious mind, even one that is seeking it. Our second clue is in the fact that it occurs in Scorpio, the sign of the dark, the hidden, the subtle but deeply felt. The third is in the Full Moon’s opposition to Sedna, the vehicle for our instinctive nature, for what we ‘know but don’t know’, and for the folly of those areas we think we understand, but don’t.

Forming at 2:11 PM PDT at 27 Scorpio 38 on the 18th, the Full Moon, as mentioned, opposes Sedna as well as Mercury, reiterating the idea of information, messages, communications, knowledge that we may feel but may not have access to (though both Sedna and Mercury are posited in Taurus, suggesting a way in to that information through the sensory world, if we can allow a feeling state without demanding the brain translate).

Keeping tight orbs, we also see a sesquiquadrate to Juno in Cancer. Aha! We’ve found the culprit–that is, the one detail that can elaborate on what it is that’s happening behind the scenes, that thing we are feeling and trying to suss out, with little success. It’s all about our personal empowerment, feeling we are both free and equipped/ competent to handle what comes, and the blow back we get from those who want to keep us, for one reason or another, in the dark about our own potentials. The reasons these others want us to remain unaware may not be nefarious, but in some shape or form our uncertainty, dependence, or lack of awareness will serve those others. We’re feeling this friction at the Full Moon, and being presented, particularly in matters that span the Scorpio-Taurus axis of our natal chart, with issues that need to come to conclusion, to be dealt with once and for all. We’ll all be dealing with darknesses that need to come to light.

Other contacts offer details. The Full Moon is semi-square Pallas, either suggesting that something unwise is the trigger to discovery, or that our initial response to what we see at the Full Moon is an unwise or impractical one. The Moon is also novile Zeus; that suggests that somewhere in the Full Moon events is a clever answer to some ambition fulfillment dilemma.

All this occurs as Venus meets Uranus and Mars trines Black Moon Lilith (with some of the possible effects noted in the first paragraph). In particular, this may be a recipe for shocking surprise in relationships, as each acts according to what they are trying to avoid, or what stirs anger, a sort of unintentional lashing out that has roots still very much alive but buried, and so convincing us that we’re ‘over it’.

The key is to control the brew (previously referred to as a potential “hot mess”) so that your sip from the Full Moon cauldron is transformative, is re-making of the House matters where it falls, or of some Scorpionic situation in your life.

The Full Moon Sabian is, ‘The King Of The Fairies Approaching His Domain’. This is an empowerment image, one meant to imply that Full Moon events do happen within our domain (and that’s so even if others insist this isn’t our territory); it’s also meant to point out the role of a ‘light touch’, to reassure that we are in charge, and to suggest something slightly magical or otherworldly in events.

We also look at the Sabian for the Sun as the light source of the Full Moon. ‘A Woman, Past Her “Change Of Life”, Experiences A New Love’. I’ll just go with this: It’s never too late.

Bonus: If you have a natal placement at 18 Virgo or no more than two degrees either side, this fills in a Mystic Rectangle with Neptune and the transiting Nodes. The Full Moon may inspire creative or other real-world efforts that will be life-direction changing for you–just don’t let yourself fall for an illusion, because that, too, could be life-changing.

(Mars trine Black Moon Lilith, Venus conj Uranus, Sun conj Sedna, Full Moon in Scorpio)

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

For those born with the Sun at 27 Taurus. Check your natal chart for the correct Sun degree (you may want to read both the degree number and the one that follows, if you have minutes on your Sun position–together these offer a more complete picture of your year ahead). You are one with the senses and instincts this year, dear Taurus, in a way that can guide you successfully, but that also may allow you to blunder into situations unaware of the true lay of the land. How to listen to guidance without becoming victim to the pitfalls? Be searingly, gut-wrenchingly, no-holds-barred honest with yourself about what you want. Mistakes can only flourish in an artificial environment that is created by artificial thinking, pretense, and perpetuation of a false image. Accidents that affect relationships and fortunes may be the rule rather than the exception this year, and some of these, whether they seem positive or negative, will offer you the chance to heal some long-held wound. Good luck!

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