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Where does Merc retro in Fire stir the flames for you? ‘The House is Burning!’ By Edvard Munch 1925-1927 {{PD}}

Mercury begins its apparent retrograde motion, and we enter a period of review of our own actions and choices, specifically those that make statements about our identity. Those times when we’ve roared, and those matters in the natal chart affected by Leo, are reviewed, reacted to, re-visited, renewed, reflected on. Our statement about who we are and what we can do gets edited; we assess whether our Self-presentation has been adequate to convey the full fire of our Soul. Now that won’t be hard, will it?

The turnaround, which can shock a bit with a sudden withdrawal of mental acuity, of the ability to be certain, especially when it comes to ourselves and our talents, happens just as Mars sesquiquadrates Neptune, which suggests misguided actions or incorrectly acted upon creative energies or ideals. So, we misstep, and can’t quite figure out why. That’s the signal to step back and pause; since the retro period is one of review, and also one where pertinent details or facts might not be known to us until direction, we do best to wait for more information. That doesn’t mean all effort or progress stops, but it does mean we don’t force things, that we respect circumstances enough to have the humbling thought that there’s something we don’t know, that we must wait to learn.

The Sun is also sesquiquadrate Ceres, which doesn’t help as it focuses our attention on all those ways we don’t hold power, aren’t in charge. The key is to be clear as possible on those areas where we do hold dominion, where we are empowered, where we can affect things–and then to tread carefully from there.

Remember, Mercury retrograde in Fire asks us to reconsider what we’ve done. Are we satisfied with our efforts, our methods, our results? We find that out over the coming three weeks, and enter direction (late on the 31st Pacific time) better aware of how to move forward.

Happy Birthday, you. ‘Cakes’ 1963 By Pplachigo Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

For those born with the Sun at 15 Cancer. Check your natal chart for the correct Sun degree (you may want to read both the degree number and the one that follows, if you have minutes on your Sun position–together these offer a more complete picture of your year ahead). This coming solar year, through to your next birthday, dear Cancer, emotional harmony may feel like it’s slipping away–but it’s not, you’re just reconciling what still exists from the past with what is now, and that sees certain inclinations toward nostalgia (the pain of the past) stripped away. What results is a lean and accurate awareness of the state of the material environment and surroundings, and a highly effective ability to deal with those things. As such, you become more creative as the year goes on, as well as more adept at finding and taking advantage of opportunities. You go, crab! Good luck!