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She could make lemonade or a lovely pie, rather than chucking them into the crowd like missiles–but will she? ‘Girl Holding Lemons’ By William Adolphe Bouguereau 1899 {{PD}}

We’re agitated–or are we? We may have difficulty admitting that at a personal level there’s not more to rail against, to be indignant about, and we may realize that taking off on flights of fancy, looking for problems, is unwise, as we see too many doing just that. We are tempted to focus on the big issues before us, especially to complain about the cost of the current social order, but in reality we get a lot more out of counting our blessings. With gentle examination, we may find how positive and even protective our values have been of late, guiding us and showing us high ground, and it’s this gratitude with which we should seed the energy garden at this time of Inferior Conjunction. The alternative is that to rail and complain and rattle our swords, to make noise and feel important, drains away each and every chance today to begin something truly positive, to add something worthy to the social sphere and the world at large, and perhaps most important, to refuse to add ugliness, negativity, or cynicism to the mix. We can be up in arms, causing discord, or we can fill those arms with something sweet, and then share it.

(Chiron nov Vesta, Neptune qnx Pallas, Jupiter parallel Saturn, Venus contra-parallel Jupiter, SN, and Saturn, and opposed Pluto, Sun meets Mercury in Inferior Conjunction)

The table’s all set for a Happy Birthday. ‘Open Door on a Garden’ By Konstantin Somov 1934 {{PD}}

For those born with the Sun at 28 Cancer. Check your natal chart for the correct Sun degree (you may want to read both the degree number and the one that follows, if you have minutes on your Sun position–together these offer a more complete picture of your year ahead). Dear Cancer, this solar year, through to your next birthday, you may find your entire mentality reviewed and rearranged, especially as it concerns those things and people you care about. You’ve been looking at things a certain way, and this year may cause the kind of review that results in reform–and that could alter almost everything in your life. But it’s up to you–seeing things differently doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change anything, but it may create an emotional scenario that’s ripe to move toward an ideal–and that could be very good, taking you in the direction of emotional fulfillment and even, gasp! happiness. This year it’s wise to let the mind imagine, as long as you use your values as a guide–do that and you can’t go wrong. Good luck!