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‘The Bath of Psyche’ By Frederic Leighton 1890 {{PD}}

Are you just trying to get out there and get it done, trying to take advantage of the opportunities you see, to put into action what you know? And yet do you find the reality picture is threatening, dangerous, unhealthy in some form, or maybe promising that if you exercise any measure of optimism something dark or powerful will overwhelm you? Is it paranoia? No, it’s a hypersensitive state to which we are being overly attentive and responsive. The Universe isn’t threatening us, but it is challenging us to face serious issues, life and death ones, ones involving decay and contradiction and the necessity of accepting The Truth–and that can feel scary, and as if what surrounds us is hostile–even when it’s not. How to avoid being swamped by too much awareness of the negative potentials? Act with optimism, and be willing to accommodate serendipity and sudden opportunity; specifically embrace what can be learned from the hidden, the darkness, as well as casting energies of change as transformative, rather than destructive; and accept what the real-world picture is telling you about the state of your health and the balance (or lack of it) within current behaviors.

(Saturn sesq Hygeia, Jupiter parallel Pluto, Mars trine Jupiter)

The table’s all set for a Happy Birthday. ‘Open Door on a Garden’ By Konstantin Somov 1934 {{PD}}

For those born with the Sun at 02 Leo. Check your natal chart for the correct Sun degree (you may want to read both the degree number and the one that follows, if you have minutes on your Sun position–together these offer a more complete picture of your year ahead). Dear Leo, what is it about this solar year, through to your next birthday, that is requiring you to face all kinds of emotional issues? Have you been neglecting them, are you unsure how you feel about someone, or is it a matter of that long-awaited passion finally coming along? Until you work it out, these feelings will cause conflict, especially as it pertains to your life direction and the material surroundings you need to live your purpose. What you care about may seem irreconcilable with what you need, but don’t worry–this year’s events and circumstances are designed to help you figure it out, particularly in the way you will remember clearly all past loves (human, other living thing, ambition, or cause-oriented) and you’ll see how they went wrong, and so do much better this time. Good luck!