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The New Moon falls at 8 Leo 36 at 8:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time, and just 48 minutes later we see Mercury inch from its station to station direct. It could make for one intense hour, especially considering the way Luna has just passed over Venus in Leo and is yet to trine Jupiter in Sagittarius–and both of these are, in my view, outside acceptable orbs to register as part of the New Moon event. This past and yet-to-be could bleed into the New Moon, though, infusing the ambient energy with a sense of rewards, recent and yet to come. The experience of Luna drenching itself in the Self-Love of Venusian fire, and then moving toward harmony with the social order, with opportunities far and wide, with facts that support our emotional perceptions, may make the atmosphere a little heady, the outlook carrying a sense of empowerment and ‘great things’ for the future.

The New Moon in Leo suggests a new passion, and particularly suggests a fire within the individual that sets a new emotional course. The NM square to Uranus in Taurus forms a T with the Sun-Moon/ Earth axis, implying that fire’s spark could come from accident, surprise, revelation, something that shocks via the senses, via a resource dilemma, or that changes our comfort level discernibly. The New Moon is trine Chiron in Aries, again pointing toward the individual, and to the individual weakness, vulnerability, wound, or unique skill, and that this will play an important role in what starts here. A quincunx to the calculated point Black Moon Lilith promises that what begins now must accommodate or otherwise adjust to one or more matters that anger, or that are being ignored or denied, or perhaps that matters surface and are shoved aside, in order to keep the optimistic mood and get the Self into action.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is, ‘Glass Blowers Shape Beautiful Vases With Their Controlled Breathing’. This suggests that the perception of reward, of something beautiful on the horizon that springs from our own effort, is indeed accurate, but it’s up to us, in fostering that new spark, that individual action or feeling, to control ourselves. No matter how shocking or unusual the Uranian influence to the New Moon event, we need to keep a clear head–that might be part of the acceptability of to some extent pushing aside or adjusting to Black Moon Lilith issues–and we need to control our prana, the very life force itself, in order to maintain a coherent connection between the physical world and the spiritual one, in order to heal, or access skills (Chiron) and so control the spark, control efforts and materials, and as a result, shape a beautiful future.

Then less than an hour after the New Moon we see Mercury go direct. It does so as planet of latest degree, suggesting that we may experience a sensation something like ‘waking up’ but in a way that feels a little like coming to consciousness after climbing out on a limb–we’re super-surprised to find ourselves there, and don’t really know what to think! Since Merc is in Cancer, the surprise may concern what we do or don’t care about, or maybe how we think we care about something and find out we don’t.

Also of note today, and maybe felt strongly by some, a Finger of God with base of Mars-Juno and Zeus, apex Neptune. This actually shaped up right around the 28th but only grows more contained, peaking today and dissolving by August 2nd. This suggests, barring any other contrary indicators within the individual chart, that concerted effort to fulfill ambitions could very easily bring the dream to reality, or lead to establishment of ideal circumstances. That means do it now.

Happy Birthday! By Caroline’s Cakes – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=12799030

For those born with the Sun at 08 Leo. Check your natal chart for the correct Sun degree (you may want to read both the degree number and the one that follows, if you have minutes on your Sun position–together these offer a more complete picture of your year ahead). Dear Leo, you know that terrible Aladdin song everybody in their early 30s wants to sing at karaoke? It’s gonna feel like a whole new world, now through to your next birthday, and you may be pretty surprised at that, since you may not immediately recognize that you are the mover and shaker who made it happen. When things first hit the fan, you may insist that you are at the mercy of others or circumstances, but the reality is, you and your approach are shaping everything, precisely as you need it to be. That means the sooner you own up to your own influence on events, the sooner you can make that energy conscious, and so control what happens (at least to the extent any of us can 🙂 ) So, you know Love, you know what’s of value to you, and you have the drive, energy, and vision to create opportunity–no need to wait, the future is now.

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