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‘Flusslandschaft’ (River Landscape) Attributed to Adolf Kaufmann, before 1916 {{PD}}

Certain things will display their harmony today, and it will be these pulled-together influences that drive most of the action. It’s likely to feel as if we step into a river, the current swift, everything already in full motion, and this will carry us far, if we are able to surrender to it, rather than struggle against it. ‘Going with the flow’, trite as this phrase can be, may be exactly what gets us more of what we aim for, and this happens in a smart way, having the benefit of either challenging us to muster the Chirotic skill or to help us heal. There are only two issues, really: 1) we won’t be able to use the enthusiasm, sheer vitality, and positive tenor in the air if we’re too focused on gaining power and fulfilling our own ambitions, and 2) we must be vigilant to indulgences that may seem minor, ‘just this once’, or considered a reward, because we are likely to choose something that has a more serious effect on our health and well-being than we are able to anticipate.

(Perfecting Today: Jupiter semi-sq Pallas, Mars still effectively conjoined and parallel Venus, though perfection of the meeting is past, with both of them qnx Chiron and contra-parallel Black Moon Lilith, and Mars sq Ceres and semi-sq Zeus, while Venus in loose square to Hygeia forms a Fist of God with apex Pluto, and the Sun is contra-parallel the Black Moon Lilith point–and that puts the Sun, Venus, and Mars all together at the same declination opposite BML)

Good day to . . . trust the Universe. It’s one of those times when trying to control, dissect, or even understand everything going on around you isn’t possible–so relax, and let life arrange itself before you. What you need to deal with will be very clear, and you’ll have the energy and intelligence to address if effectively.

For those born with the Sun at 02 Virgo. Check your natal chart for the correct Sun degree (you may want to read both the degree number and the one that follows, if you have minutes on your Sun position–together these offer a more complete picture of your year ahead). What is it about needing to be practical at this time, dear Virgo, that has you all ate up? You have the chance to rid yourself of some nagging demons, some negatives that you’ve been wishing away, but you can’t do it unless you are willing to deal with things as they are, and to do the mature, the wise, the immensely smart thing. So what if it’s not glamorous? It’s the thing that will allow you to take your life to some version of ‘the next level’. You’ve been wondering when you were going to be able to make real progress–the time now to your next birthday is your window to make it all bigger, better, more true to You. Good luck!