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‘Das Blätterbild’ By Heinrich Hoerle, 1928 {{PD}}

Just as autumn stirs, the New Moon in Virgo inspires something different for the every day. It’s a natural time of endings, and I don’t know about you, but I’m really feeling it. I’m thinking of retaining A Good Day To . . . and maybe picking and choosing some of the ‘big’ aspects or planetary entrances and exits to focus on. As a daily this might end up being more of a meditation or energy offering than what’s been appearing here, but I need to honor my own call to do other things, many of which I’ve delayed–and autumn makes us all aware, time is going by. So join me in relaxing, exploring, creating more and differently. There are two astrology books almost done that I want to finish, one of which (the Moon one; the other is on Venus) will go free to all the lovely people who’ve been supporting me with monthly donations (I know! I’ve been promising this for a while now–but I’ve had no time!)–and specifically to you donors, it may be time to stop your donation–I have no idea what I’ll be providing here, and wouldn’t want you to be disappointed! I’ll still be taking on some private work through consultations and reports, though, and will appear here randomly when the need to talk astrology overtakes me, so I hope you’ll continue to drop by.

The 31st is a Good Day To . . . explore what’s been ignored or denied, using instincts as a guide. This will not only pay off, it will point up the love in or worth of relationships. Keep thinking aligned with highest values;it’s tempting to veer off into hurt, but that brings everything positive to a halt, if pursued.

You should know that this feature, a Good Day To . . ., is drawn directly from the perfecting aspects for the day, so it offers guidance in its most direct and condensed form.