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‘Alcea rosea’ By Berthe Morisot 1880 {{PD}}

The 11th it’s a Good Day To . . . act on, rely on, base efforts on what we know or have established in the past, especially thinking along wise, practical, and practiced lines. That’s not exciting or glamorous, but it is smart, at least right now; we’re clear-thinking in terms of what empowers us and what roles we hold, but can’t embrace originality or uniqueness without abandoning wisdom–a dicey proposition, as our good judgement falls away if we indulge and go spontaneous and uncharted. Stay with what’s solid, what we’ve got experience with, and if we dedicate our work to what we truly honor, we find reward in ways we didn’t anticipate along what seemed like such a safe, predictable, even dull, course.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.

Focus on: an ongoing Mystic Rectangle (some astrologers don’t consider the Nodes valid points in configurations; I do), involving North Node, South Node-Saturn, Black Moon Lilith (again, an energy point not always used)-Neptune-Earth, Mars (and the Sun, just for another day). This gives an overall dynamic of circumstances or efforts made in the past supporting creative or idealistic material efforts now, with an awareness of your own part in things, especially as an instigator, and a likely lack of awareness of how these matters are being influenced by what you are ignoring, denying, or by that which enrages you. So, a great energy for manifesting via personal energy expenditure, but be aware that any sudden left turns or right hooks come from the well of ‘I just don’t want to know that!’, and that gives an opportunity to personal insight, to what we can and should attend to.