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Eastern great egret landing at Tennōji Park in Osaka. Photo by Laitche CC BY-SA 4.0

Mercury and Venus both move into Libra the 14th–not a big deal, but indicative of a general trend toward cooperation, toward seeking a partner, toward getting together to talk it out–and this in spite of an underlying disharmony on the 15th in communications and overall in relationships and relating. Too, on the 15th the ability to think clearly about the financial situation or earning opportunities is too much influenced by others–and that means poor choices (or at least ones that don’t suit you as well as they should)–and what we don’t attend to will shape the future. Those poor choices might include an illusion that being powerful or in charge of our own lives might damage our health–and that in itself may keep us from making moves with our own well-being where it belongs, firmly central to all considerations.