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‘South American Landscape’ By Frederic Edwin Church 1856 {{PD}}

The 3rd is a Good Day To . . . watch Mars enter Libra. Do we have to? No, but if we’re aware of the Warrior changing signs, it’s all to our advantage; otherwise we can end up suddenly frustrated, passive-aggressive, and feeling we must (needlessly) show our independence within partnerships. That’s what Mars in his sign of detriment tends to bring out in us, if we’re not conscious that the ego, Will, and action urge are finding it more difficult than usual to express.

Also note: wisdom fails us today in matters of Love, Money, or feeling; we have an usually potent ability to support our health and keep our wounds in perspective–that’s truly beneficial; and Merc enters Scorpio, and we may find the mind going to dark places–and if we allow it, it effectively kills originality.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.