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‘Dubrovnik by Moonlight’ By Eduard Kasparides, 1915, is a lovely destination for an Aries Full Moon, even if Dubrovnik is associated with opposite sign Libra (according to this article: https://www.travelerstoday.com/articles/46520/20170428/travel-destinations-based-zodiac-sign.htm)

The Full Moon culminates at 2:07 PM PST at 20 Aries 13 on the 13th. The Full Moon is apex to a Finger of God with base of Pallas in Scorpio and Juno in Virgo. The Finger signals a kind of energy funnel, uniting the two base energies and showing how their synergy results in the apex energy. The import of this configuration is that the result found in the apex isn’t necessarily what one would expect from combining the two base energies. In this case, the detail-oriented, responsible, status-conscious entity focused on empowerment engages with the deep diving, deep thinking ‘Truth Warrior’, and what we get is a denouement made up of Full Moon events. These are Aries charged: assertive, even aggressive expressions of Self, Will, wanting, and/ or leadership. The individual may see this manifest as a confluence of inner and outer circumstances that bring both confidence and urgency to a choice to act; how this plays out will depend on the way the FM fits into the natal chart, but for everyone it will carry an emotional element, an awakening to or conclusion to some feeling about our personal place, role, or identity, and around our ability to act on those feelings.

The Full Moon is also closely opposed the asteroid Zeus, which is snuggled (Zeus! snuggled!) right up to the Sun, only 6 minutes apart. All Lunar events get their energy from the Sun as the origin of light, so that at a Full Moon the Sun and its situation is integral to FM meaning. In this case, the Sun-Zeus conjunction suggests that Full Moon events spring directly from where and how we’ve put our attention on ambition and desire fulfillment. What we want has created the circumstance brought to fruition with FM events–we’ll see results we’ll judge as positive or negative, and should keep in mind that these are the end-product of deeply held desires.

The FM makes two other aspects: a trine to the Ceres-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius, and a square to Pluto in Capricorn. The Lunar event may flow from or create an instance of individual power expression within the social sphere. That is, the individual will show their personal authority within a context that makes this expression visible to others, as they display assets of knowledge and experience (Sagittarius). This knowledge sharing may trigger FM events, or come from them, but in either case flows easily, a natural by-product of the ‘I Am’, and suggests the FM itself may call this expression forward, giving it a spotlight.

The square to Pluto implies that all the other expressions brought forward by the Full Moon are possible because of serious but difficult change-in-progress to current structures and power situations. The guardrails we’re used to are gone, and no new ones are yet in place, not completely. The Lunar event is made possible at least in part because of these changes, but this aspect also signals that the Full Moon situation itself may instigate even more change, and this won’t necessarily be easy (the square). Or, it may be that Full Moon events put difficult change before us (something we may need to take initiative on–Aries), or require a resurrection of old ways temporarily, or even the closing off of some feeling in the Self–but no matter what form the Plutonian element takes, it implies the Full Moon is a point at which we’ll need to address a tough matter in the emotional shape of rage, destruction, change, re-birth, transformation, or death, and these may be symbolic manifestations (for instance, a scalding incident may equal rage) or more direct ones (an actual fight or rule change, for example).

Young boxers fresco, Akrotiri, Greece {{PD}}

The Full Moon, then, is a sort of statement of who we are, and what we want–right now, as things have coalesced at the point of culmination. The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘A Pugilist Enters The Ring’. Seems apt, for an Aries Full Moon: the individual is ready to fight, to win. That suggests our own and others’ aggressive nature may be closer to the surface than we think. It could be an instance where we think we’re just saying, but others receive it as shouting, demanding, insisting–so interact with care. We want, and may not realize that desire is showing quite nakedly.

The Sun, origin of Lunar light, has the Sabian ‘A Sunday Crowd Enjoying The Beach’. This may reflect the Jupiter-Ceres contact, in that the social order may be instrumental in putting things in motion, with our experience being that we are dynamic while others seem to be spectators or ‘taking things easy’. We may at least in part be moved to act, then, out of frustration or a sense that others are enjoying a ‘day at the beach’ while we toil! Here it’s good to keep in mind the way the social sphere offers a venue for our knowledge sharing or belief expression (a crowd is just another name for an audience), as well as reminding ourselves that if we think we’re the only ones making an effort, then we aren’t seeing clearly.

‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Isle Grand Jatte’ By Georges Seurat 1884 {{PD}}