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‘The Dream of St Joseph’ By Georges de La Tour c1625 {{PD}}

The 24th is a Good Day To . . . ask yourself, What illusion am I currently accepting as real? It’s likely something prominent in our consciousness right now, something we are giving a lot of attention or energy to, and it’s definitely something that at best we’re seeing in some way distorted or enveloped in a film of unreality, and at worst we are completely deluded about this matter, to the point that our perception bears no resemblance to what is.

More than anything else, this is about honesty–our willingness to embrace it, to employ it, to see the world through that lens. Two points: though we may shy away from seeing things as they are because we fear it will hurt, seeing reality is the only way we can effectively interact with it, and if conscious awareness eludes us (it’s not necessarily your fault if you can’t see clearly–often we have been indoctrinated, deceived, or misled in some area, and find it particularly difficult to sort what is from what we’ve been told), try to look at current conditions through a lens of idealism. Searching for the ideal within the real both connects us more strongly to our values and helps us focus on the reality of what’s before us, in essence removing any imposed falsity.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.