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The 5th is a Good Day To . . . watch proceedings carefully, as today we get a preview of what the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction will bring. The two bodies are parallel, making for a kind of pre-echo, a stark and fleeting glimpse of what their meeting in Capricorn perfecting 12 January 2020 promises. In the largest sense we’ll see reality collide with the inevitability of change, the destruction of circumstances, institutions, and previous boundaries, restraints, and figures of authority. This brings transformation, if only through forcing awareness of the passage of time; it also offers to dig up secrets, the kind that rebuke the current power structure. We may see temporary chaos, the purpose of which is to renew, regenerate, and revive the constructs of our reality. Falling in Capricorn, it likely threatens those life factors that give stability and dependability to the day-to-day, to those facets of existence on which we rely–and yet, it can bring change that removes conditions that have limited our Power, our access to the Truth, or that have prevented us from seeing reality fully and in an accurate light.

This can also stir fear, as situations of destruction or disintegration may seem permanent, a disorder we’re unable to rein in. In select situations, where power has already undergone a change, circumstances can be cemented in place, becoming an undeniable part of the ‘new’ reality. It may be the ‘irresistible force vs. the immovable object’ related to the matters of the House in the natal chart where this falls. In any case, today gives us that glimpse ahead, which can be vital in preparing for the January conjunction itself.

It’s also notable that the January perfection of the aspect comes on the heels of a Lunar eclipse in Cancer which opposes it. That opposition includes Sun, Mercury, and Ceres conjoined Saturn-Pluto, and forms a T-square with conjoined Juno-Zeus. The general scenario is one of a power challenge: are you empowered to get what you truly desire? What we care about is weighed against reality, with the tension between the two inspiring the emotional effect of the Lunar eclipse.

But back to the 5th! We’re getting this preview, and as we do we may panic, moving in precipitous ways (particularly in ways that seem like we’re grabbing power, or that prove to be Self-destructive) that may compromise our integrity or our values. Don’t flip out! This is spurred by our hyper-awareness of our individual position in the Universe; a sense of aloneness is keen, even poignant. Know that thinking, especially about the future, is wonky, too heavily influenced by desires and matters ignored or denied to be trusted. Instead just survey what happens and ponder it, looking for the threads that suggest change, upset, or shifts in power, and gather clues that can help you prepare for the eclipses and conjunction that lie ahead.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.

Posting may be spotty for a time, but I’ll be here as much as possible. Have a great day!