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‘Moonrise Over the Dunes’ By Eilif Peterssen 1883 {{PD}}

The 12th is a Good Day To . . . take stock, especially of material goals and desires, as the Full Moon brings security, prosperity, comfort, and stability-related matters to a head. Falling at 19 Taurus 51, 5:33 AM Pacific time, and closely conjoined Vesta, this Lunar event promises materialization in physical form of sensory or ‘sensed’ information, particularly that involved with commitments, the home and family, and the personal ‘passions’, and prompts discovery and definitive communication, even successful contracts (Mercury opp), this latter having an unusually stable ‘moment’ even in the midst of the retrograde.

Along with the Black Moon Lilith point this Full Moon forms the base to a Finger of God with apex the asteroid Zeus. The Finger takes the harmonious expression of the two base energies and funnels it into a third, likely unexpected, outcome shown by the apex energy. This Finger suggests Lunar conclusions highlight matters denied, ignored, or that enrage us, probably prompting action that results in ambition or desire fulfillment. It’s as if a clock has been ticking, and the Full Moon brings it to ‘the appointed hour’, creating a confluence of energetic trends that move forward the personal agenda.

The Full Moon also contacts both Saturn and Pluto, straddling their transiting midpoint by trine, and sesquiquadrates Juno. These contacts speak to the power situation, to its exercise or suppression, and to whatever influence and privilege the personal status affords. It presents us with a difficult situation related to our empowerment or standing that can be resolved by finding an intuitive/ emotional balance between discarding elements and cementing other elements in place. These aspects simply emphasize the message that is part and parcel of a Full Moon in Taurus, anyway: that establishing a reliable foundation and the prospect of continuity in resources and alliances is the optimum use of energy, right now.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon is, ‘Wisps Of Winglike Clouds Streaming Across The Sky’. The image may be best understood by drawing parallels between its symbology and that of the Sabian for the Sun, which sits in opposition to the Full Moon (as always!) and gives us clues as to the originating energy (as the Sun illuminates and so makes visible the Moon and gives it ‘phases’ to begin with). The Sun’s is, ‘A Woman Draws Away Two Dark Curtains Closing The Entrance To A Sacred Pathway’. Both suggest a covering or obscuring element that will be removed, the Moon’s by the ‘streaming’, which implies air flow (communication, information, or a shift in mental stance) that will at some point dissipate the clouds, the Sun’s by the woman (a force, like the movement within the atmosphere of the other symbol) as she draws the curtains aside.

The characterization of the clouds in the Moon’s symbol as ‘winglike’ suggests a lifting, even angelic, quality, in the sense of a divine gift or inspiration, or perhaps implying a general ‘elevation’ via Lunar events. This is so with the Sun’s image, as well, that by human effort clears the way, so to speak, to follow a divine path.

Influences also perfecting on this day suggest that in past wounds lie wisdom or the information that fosters a more practical or skill-oriented approach, and that efforts bring both opportunity and ‘luck’, especially if those efforts employ talents and assets or offer benefits to partners or others with whom you might cooperate.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful and enlightening Full Moon!

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.