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Really, there’s nothing scary in that dark corner. ‘Ukojenie’ By Piotr Stachiewicz c1884 {{PD}}

The 18th is a Good Day To . . . do everything you can to support all facets of your health, including to not be afraid to look in the dark corners (grim death will not be waiting there!) or to consider the less appealing aspects of living in a human body. It’s all for the good, and will mean no unpleasantness will sneak up on you at a later date.

Along with this, look for payoffs or ways to gain or make new relationships that serve the ambitions. Everyone loves a winner, or so they say, and you’ll have that shiny aura today, so why not take advantage of it? Work it, and reap the rewards.

And a guideline for everything: stick to the facts. Everything else will play on fears, or sucker punch you with unwarranted optimism.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.