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‘The Sleeping Beauty’ By John Collier 1921 {{PD}}

The 24th is a Good Day To . . . look closely at two major aspects that perfect today: Venus conjoins Jupiter late in Sagittarius, and Mars in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. With the former, we see abundant reward or massive disappointment due to exaggeration of expectations, centered on potentials for social advancement, travel (with emphasis on ‘new horizons’), and knowledge acquisition. Relationship dynamics may be out-sized and imply things are better, or worse, than they actually are, and we may be inclined to over-pay, in one form or another, for what we receive. The belief in Love may ground us, or move us to action, and may ‘come to the rescue’, especially in circumstances where we feel alienated or suffer too much emphasis on philosophy or fulfillment of an agenda in relationships or in creating Art in any form. We get ‘a lot’, somehow, and must deal with it, with the meeting relating directly to the matters of the House in the natal chart where it occurs.

The opposition offers an element of surprise, either at your own choices or actions or those of others. The spontaneity is driven by material/ sensory matters or issues of comfort, security, or need, but the moves spring from a dark place, or one where motives are hidden even from ourselves, and what’s behind those choices and actions may remain a mystery, no matter how hard we look. Circumstances to these events may have roots in or bring about the situation of abundance (and remember, this is just ‘a lot’, so may not be especially desirable!) or may muster conflict from the situation of ‘too much’. Beauty meets ‘the facts’ or a sense of optimism, perhaps with actions exposing the dark and surprising underbelly of things–or maybe it’s a search for Truth that generates chaos, a Higher Understanding, or a revelation that brings an opportunity for prosperity, Love, or profit. There are a million possible permutations–what’s important is our awareness that these factors are related in a way where each will affect, and possibly bounce off of or alter, the others.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.

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