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‘The Fog Horn’ By Winslow Homer 1883 {{PD}}

The 27th is a Good Day To . . . get a gander at Neptune as it stations direct at 15 Pisces 55, as it does so while sextiling Vesta, while Vesta is opposed by Mercury (with Mercury’s trine to Neptune perfecting tomorrow, the 28th). Direction may dispel some of the murk around our priorities and those things we honor, and the fog should lift for the individual around at least some of the matters of the natal House where the direction occurs. No longer will we wonder if we’re doing the ‘right’ thing–though this might not coalesce into coherent thoughts immediately, or be communicated to or from others as soon as it’s realized–and by the 28th we either immerse our thinking in a universe of creative imagination, or we are mired in (or fed a load of) delusion, misdirection, or outright lies. It might not be easy to tell the difference, at first, but if we become still and listen, we’ll know. It’s only when there’s too much psychic noise that we are prone to accept what we’d do better to reject.

The 28th also sees Moon, Venus, and Ceres pile up early in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus. This expresses the heart of the day, offering a down-to-Earth concoction of sensitivity, Love, companionship, and expression of personal authority, delivered in surprising (and maybe strikingly sentimental) ways. Modern comforts celebrate traditions–what better indicator for a lovely Thanksgiving Day (in the US)? Be aware, though, that the unexpected is likely to spring directly from what’s been enraging us and denied, or from what we’ve been trying to ignore–so if possible clear up those neglected feelings and reactions before any significant gathering or interaction. And one other warning: words hold a lot of creative power today, and can stimulate the imagination, so take care that those words don’t go too far, or muddy otherwise clear, positive emotional waters (Mercury sesq Chiron).

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.


Happy Thanksgiving to All my US Readers, and happy Wednesday/ Thursday to Everyone else!