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By Jules Larcher 1889 {{PD}}

The 9th is a Good Day To . . . be willing to modify standards to take advantage of what’s smart or practical, and then be willing to act in accord with this–and contrarily speaking, we must also be willing to modify our standards when we find that for one reason or another they aren’t as wise as we believed–and in any case, we need to be willing to show that we will do what it takes to support the standards we hold, or to achieve in line with the principles we honor.

Too, we may be tempted by something that’s decidedly unhealthy for us, and we’d be smart to avoid indulging for now. What we can pursue, though, is fulfillment of our ambitions. Today the mind sparks on some inventive, original, even genius ways of getting where we want to go, and we’d be smart to put our energy toward goal attainment or desire realization, right now.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.