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‘A Bather (Echo)’ By Jean-Jacques Henner 1881 {{PD}}

The Full Moon in Leo occurs at 11:33 PM PST at 20 Leo 00, sextile Zeus-Juno, square Vesta, and sesquiquadrate the South Node. These are contacts that wouldn’t even show up in most charts set to calculate only the ‘classic’ major bodies and points–so what does that say? Maybe it implies that what culminates here is subtle, and let’s face it, subtle isn’t a vibe that Leo does easily. Conclusions or endings arriving today may be, quite suddenly, dumped in our laps, presented as fait accompli, something we must just accept, no matter how we feel about it. That can make for major surprises delivered quietly, with a wink and a nod and a sudden twist of the entire landscape. We could feel ambushed, with delight or with upset, stunned in a way that on the outside is liable to be mild, even barely perceptible to others, but that inside re-shapes our outlook, or our entire world.

The sextile to Zeus-Juno in Libra points toward a resolution around ambitions and desires, and so a change (or cementing in place) to status and empowerment modes. If you have something at 19-22 Pisces in the natal chart, you may get a message delivered as clearly as a weather vane indicates the direction of the approaching storm, a sudden drop in pressure pulling in an answer to your goal or power situation represented by the Pisces natal energy or point. It acts as apex to a Finger of God; people who experience this may feel the whole thing is out of their hands, happening to them, rather than being at least nominally driven by their choices.

The square to Vesta may show us how and where our commitments and priorities clash with the demands of our own emotions or with our intuition. We have to ask: are we in conflict because we need to modify our stated values, because they don’t actually represent who we are, or is it that we fear what those values will be bringing us? Our reaction may spring, at least in part, from unpleasant experiences of the past, ones we link, consciously or not, with current events. Don’t be afraid to examine these issues at this time; the Leo energy of a Full Moon promises that we have a strong grip on identity, and though we may be surprised by our feelings, they aren’t alien to us, but instead easily traced to their origins. They hold recognizable shapes, and the FM may require we measure them for accuracy, ‘fit’, and appropriateness to our values, and vice versa, measure our values to see how we truly feel about them.

The Sabian for the Full Moon falls precisely on the degree without any minutes, meaning we read 20 Leo: ‘Zuni Indians Perform A Ritual To The Sun’. The symbol for the Sun, which we always inspect for clues as to the origins of the Full Moon light, is, ‘A Large White Dove Bearing A Message’. Taken together they make a kind of Cosmic call and response, a ritual ‘cris de coeur‘ to the source of all life, and the answer that is given. Whatever happens for the Full Moon, make sure you pay attention–this is energy put out into the Universe by the Soul, and that means what comes back to us has a great deal to say about who we are, and where we’re headed.