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‘Beautiful Betty’ By Albert Lynch c1890 {{PD}}

The 3rd is a Good Day To . . . act and choose with the future in mind. We are filled with creative impulses and our active imaginations can, in both negative and positive ways, run away with our thinking and perceptions, so we need to be aware that our grand inspirations may be fantastic, or fantastically delusional. That only means that ideas should be noted, but action on them delayed until we can gain a bit of distance, and so a bit of perspective. Venus enters Gemini today, predisposing us to notice the beauty in our ideas and thoughts, and hopefully to translate that into loving attitudes toward others and in communications overall, as well as aiding us in shaping those inspired creative ideas into effective messages delivered through the Arts. Too, money and assets may linger on our minds, but again, we’re better off thinking about things than taking any action, just yet. We can see the beauty in planning, and should take advantage of it.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.