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‘Rokeby Venus’ By Diego Velázquez 1644 {{PD}}

Now we stand in the shadow cast over our reality by Saturn’s retrograde on the 10th, and we likely feel the need to reassess our approach and our standing according to the new conditions we see around us. Are you a ‘suddenly halted’ Saturn responder, or an ‘obstacles removed’ kind of Saturn person? The answer to that will tell you whether this period is a ‘go forward with all those stalled projects’ time, or a ‘take a Zen approach and accept stalls as delays meant to turn your attention elsewhere’ time.

The 11th sees some serious questions around power and values answered, specifically as they are addressed through ambitions, desires, and the array of personal responsibilities each of us has. Though we may feel disempowered, may feel that thoughts don’t match actions, we need to know that off-the-cuff choices and efforts will make more issues than they address–so avoid the spontaneous, if possible. Look in the dark corners for the information that is vital to making good choices (and of course, we didn’t know that before–that’s why we put it in a dark corner!)–and then go forward on the 12th, in all areas except purely creative ones. New impulses and ideas need to be noted, but not yet instituted–and it’s clear why when we consider that the 12th also has Venus turnaround in apparent retrograde.

This retro occurs every 18 months and institutes a short (approx. 6 week) period when we may see any or all of these effects: we re-visit an issue or Venusian-themed subject that was active 8 years ago, the last time Venus retrograded at roughly this point in the natal scenario. Things may pick up as if no time has passed, or we may see the same material re-emerge in different form. There’s a potential for quite abruptly seeing relationships, financial, and aesthetic matters in different terms; perceptions in these areas are temporarily distorted, making us more inclined to be adventurous, to stray from our normal preferences–and sometimes to make life changing choices. Our tastes don’t run in their usual channels. With any permanent change in those areas you consider making during the retro, put off the actual step until after Venus goes direct. The difference in choices should look something like this: henna tattoos–Yes! Real ink–No! Dating someone you might’ve typically turned down–Yes! Getting married spontaneously–No!

And this is all shaped by where in the natal chart this Venus retro occurs for you. Re-visited subjects will be found connected to the House where the retro falls (and possibly will involve Venusian matters or matters Venus rules or is otherwise involved with via chart rulerships), and they’ll carry the tone of the sign in which the retro occurs, in this case Gemini. That could mean the mind takes center stage, overruling aesthetic judgments and giving you lots of reasons why what the heart yearns toward isn’t the logical (or tidy, or justifiable) choice. Venus retrograde withdraws our innate taste standards, preferences, and ‘what we love’ and respond to, replacing it in this instance with what our minds, or the arguments of others, tell us we should love.

Interesting to note that on the 12th, unlike through the rest of Venus’ turnaround, the mind will be sharp, reality-oriented, and unusually smart, stable, and reliable. If you’re going to listen to the mind alone during the Venus retro, this is the day to do so–after that, remind yourself that nothing is done by thought alone, and thoughts without heart don’t tell the whole story.

On the 13th we may not understand how truly destructive or deluded our choices are, especially those around matters of health. What feels like deep thinking is really hyper-pessimistic. Let it go, for now, and stay with what you already know and practice.

Have a great week!