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Silver Lake during dusk, Wrangell–St. Elias National Park and Preserve, Alaska, United States. By Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=69595394

On the 15th ‘right’ thinking can lead to healing and can set you on a very positive course forward; the question is, what constitutes ‘right thinking’? Imaginative ways of sharing information, a willingness to connect with others over a common idea or goal, and becoming more informed yourself all qualify. And the result is that by the 16th we’ve come up with some clear choices and really effective ways to take action, inspired by a burgeoning awareness of precisely what power we hold, and what we can do to enhance our own agency. One mistake we might make is to believe we can ‘buy’ health or affection–or that only those who are flawless can attract love or money, or deserve healing. I’m here to tell you those ideas are both needlessly depressing and wrong-headed. Do take care with expressing yourself, though, as words are much more powerful at this point than we might anticipate–and so may become weapons, or at least highly destructive, even (and maybe especially) if we don’t mean them to–and then there’s the possibility we ‘hypnotize’ ourselves into believing something with no basis in reality

The indicators on the 17th suggest that we may see opportunity and think optimistically–and yet find ourselves at odds with the social order overall or with the facts as we know them at present. We need to know that though the mental faculties are ‘healthy’, thinking may be too easily influenced by things we’ve actively chosen to ignore–thus setting up negative outcomes, should we be unwilling to consider the way the unexpected has intruded into our plans, should we be unwilling to acknowledge we don’t know everything, and should we be unwilling to trust our instincts. Be willing, tick all those boxes, and you’ll likely see today and its events as highly fortuitous, whether that brings rewards from your own efforts or ‘luck’ in one of her many guises.

The 18th we may refuse to recognize boundaries, rules, and restrictions, may reject reality or the need to make real, concerted effort, and thereby crash and burn. The key to success today is an unflinching acceptance of things as they actually are, and an open-eyed willingness to do something about current circumstances.

Have a lovely weekend, all!