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The 20th is a Good Day To . . . make changes along very specific lines. Taking action to eliminate what needs eliminating, to make sweeping and permanent changes within yourself (not aesthetically/ physically, though), and to innovate, invent, or otherwise break away from norms, are all favored. It’s tricky, however: be open to the spontaneous and the brainstorm, but don’t count on your usual taste level (Venus is retro, after all) or creative channels to bear fruit–they’re more likely to lead you down a rabbit hole–and anything to do with ambition fulfillment or responding to messages from others (or getting your own message across) will likely be akin to hitting your head against a brick wall–it hurts you and the wall goes nowhere! Something to keep in mind: the full, unvarnished facts will make you powerful–now have the courage to see the reality picture as it really is, and go from there.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.