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‘Promise of Spring’ By Lawrence Alma-Tadema 1890 {{PD}}

The 22nd is a Good Day To . . . vow to change ourselves, rather than demanding (or hoping for, or wishing for, or praying for) the world to change. Some of us may stick with the delusion that we definitely know how things should be, and we will indignantly wait for everyone and everything else to see our disapproval and snap into line, while the rest of us will see the benefit in recognizing reality as it is, and adjusting our expectations accordingly. It’s not a time for head-in-the-sand, magical thinking, and yet you and I both have seen that embraced as a lifestyle by plenty of people lately; that stance guarantees dreams denied, while to see what is and work from there is to make significant headway toward ambition and desire fulfillment, and will spark that most illusive of feelings, genuine happiness.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.