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More thinking is in order, like it or not. ‘Thinking’ By Jules Pascin {{PD}}

The 3rd is a Good Day To . . . think about and review relationships, financial matters, and/ or aesthetic choices, as the Sun and Venus meet in Gemini in their Inferior Conjunction (Inferior referring to Venus in retrograde status). Venus retro is a time when our usual tastes desert us, when we find ourselves attracted to what we might normally judge as ‘not for us’, when we want to experiment in Venusian life areas (such as relationships, finances, values, artistic expression, matters of taste), with the danger being that we alter our lives in some way that, if it doesn’t please us once Venus is direct, is very hard to un-do. So, my usual cautions about temporary or easily altered vs. permanent or difficult to undo changes still stand (date someone ‘different’ or just met, yes, marry someone just met, hold your horses; rearrange your furniture or room use, paint a room an experimental color, yes, put your house up for sale and move to wherever your finger lands on a map, not so much, and of course there’s always the tried-and-true henna decoration or temp tattoo vs. actual tattoos). Experimentation is good right now, but only if it’s easily reversed once Venus is direct, should you not find the change something you want to live with daily. Quite naturally, retrograde times are the perfect window through which to review matters of the retro entity, so examining and assessing relationships, finances, and aesthetic expressions are all good uses of the energy.

On top of that, it’s a good day to really claim your territory and ‘be in charge’. You won’t be able to expand your territory, so overreach might win you a figurative slap on the hand, but for everything that really is your business, taking things by the reins will be marvelously effective. There’s also a bit of weighing to be done, a minor reconciliation among wisdom, practicality, and to what you dedicate your energy, but this only enhances your ability to both express your Will and to get things done your way.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.