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‘The Gauja Valley’ By Jūlijs Feders 1891 {{PD}}

Each day the difficult terrain shifts, making it hard to pinpoint and thoroughly deal with what we uncover. On the 6th we hit the trifecta, with the reality picture and its hard-and-fast rules (including the physical laws of the world, and the planted-in-place status quo), the egos and assertive energies of ourselves and others, and the sturdiness and actual applicability of our faith, all tested by current events. Remember, we’ve just come out of a Lunar eclipse, and we’ve entered that energy valley between eclipse events that can put both real-world events and consciousness into a holding pattern. In an odd way it blurs our ‘vision’ and makes us unsure of what we have before us. Keeping that in mind, along with the fact that we don’t have to respond to what we perceive around us, will make the going a lot smoother. You should also be aware that much of what seems a disaster, a roadblock, or an emergency will not stay that way–meaning you can let most of it go, and in a short while it won’t be an issue.

The 7th sees our relationships, as well as our relationship to and within the social order, grab our focus and present us with what seems unsolvable. Too, rewards aren’t what we expected them to be, or we find it tough going wringing the positive out of circumstances. Hints for handling: look for the wisdom within relationships–that is, look for what’s healthy, positive, and eternal in any interaction–that can guide responses; think in terms of ‘rightful territory’ and apply both mind power and efforts to being as effective as possible; and keep highest values in mind, eschewing the expedient or convenient, for best results.

By the 8th the issue may center in the conflict between Love and Power, especially as it manifests in our closer relationships. Here the trick is to find a balance that allows equal measures of Love and Power for each participant. It’ll be helpful to keep in mind that, 1) we aren’t the sole arbiters of what this particular balance should be–there’s at least one other party, who must be allowed an equal voice, and 2) that matters of health may be exerting a larger impact on interactions than we may realize, so cut others, and yourself, some slack, especially honoring feelings and the need for ‘space’.